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Cool Nixie Tube Clock Widget

Posted by at 27th January, 2009

Any true hardcore embedded developer should be fascinated by this Nixie Tube Clock widget. continue

Category : Embedded Systems News

WordPress Plugin – FancyBox Gallery

Posted by at 26th January, 2009

Dougal Campbell has just released the new FancyBox Gallery plugin for WordPress. continue

Category : Wordpress News

Displaying Shortcodes within Posts

Posted by at 19th January, 2009

Displaying shortcodes within posts seems like it should be fairly straightforward. However, due to WordPress’ shortcode processor the shortcodes will be removed when the post is actually displayed to the user. Fortunately this is an easy issue to resolve. continue

Category : Wordpress Tutorials

All in One SEO Pack and WP Remix Theme Support

Posted by at 18th January, 2009

The All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress provides a simple means for implementing an SEO strategy for your blog. However, the current version of the plugin does not integrate well with the WP Remix theme due to it’s inability to strip the various shortcodes used by the theme from the generated meta tags. continue

Category : Wordpress Tutorials

Upgrade to WordPress 2.7

Posted by at 16th January, 2009

I officially took the plunge today! I decided to upgrade Double Black Design to the latest and greatest version of WordPress. However, since this site uses the WP Remix theme the upgrade process was not as easy as I had expected. continue

Category : Website Updates

Understanding the WordPress Loop

Posted by at 15th January, 2009

The WordPress “loop” lays the foundation for the design and management of your blog. However, this loop seems to be a mystery to many bloggers. In this article, I will attempt to demystify the inner workings of the loop so that you may better understand how your blog works. continue

Category : Wordpress Tutorials

LinkedIn Teams up with WordPress

Posted by at 15th January, 2009

The developers at LinkedIn have recently released the LinkedIn WordPress App which utilizes the OpenSocial API hosted by Google Code. continue

Category : Wordpress News

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